Globber Primo V2 Light Up Kids Scooter
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Globber Primo V2 Light Up Kids Scooter

Introducing the Globber Primo V2 Light Up Kids Scooter, the ideal choice for young riders aged 3 and above. The PRIMO PLUS LIGHTS 3-wheel scooter boasts a reinforced low body frame, featuring an anti-slip composite deck in a vibrant dual-color design. With a weight capacity of up to 50kg, this scooter ensures stability and durability for safe rides. The robust composite brake not only enhances braking efficiency but also extends the longevity of the wheels.

As your child progresses from a novice to a skilled rider, the PRIMO PLUS LIGHTS offers an exciting feature - light-up scooter wheels. These wheels illuminate in red, green, and blue, creating a captivating visual experience. The dynamo lighting integrated into the wheels' core makes the front wheels battery-free, and they flash brighter as your child scoots faster.

Facilitating easy learning, the scooter incorporates a patented steering lock button that restricts the two front wheels to move only forward and backward. This aids in developing balance skills. Unlocking the button enables a lean-to-steer riding experience, allowing for more advanced maneuvers.

Adaptability is key, and the adjustable kids scooter caters to this need. The scooter features a 4-height anodized aluminum T-bar with a user-friendly clamp, suitable for kids up to 9+ years.

The light-up excitement continues with the battery-free 121mm LED light-up front scooter wheels, which dynamically flash in red, green, and blue. Thanks to the integrated dynamo technology, the LEDs shine brighter with increased scooting speed.

Built for resilience, the scooter sports a super low dual-color composite deck coupled with a reinforced body frame, supporting a weight of up to 50kg. Safety and comfort are paramount, ensuring an enjoyable ride with dual-color TPR ergonomic grips and a reliable composite brake that delivers efficient braking.

With a weight of 2.33kg and dimensions of 67.5-82.5cm in height, 57.5cm in length, and 28.0cm in width, the Globber Primo V2 Light Up Kids Scooter offers a perfect blend of innovation, safety, and fun for young riders.